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Open Comupte Project Submit 2018 US

包括官方 Keynote 与参会者分享视频在内 一共 166 篇


内容丰常丰富,先立个 Flag: 8月内将所有网络相关的都瞄一遍(一共26篇),有意思的记录下来,等9月份来打脸.


  1. OCPUS18 –Networking Project Welcome & Introduction by Project Leads ,网络项目/子项目 Leader 介绍以及 2017 年 OCP 采纳的 Switch 设计
  2. OCPUS18 –A Programmable Network Presented by Delta ,Delta Switch 可编程介绍,使用 ONOS + Cumulus Linux,演示有车祸,之后介绍 RESTAPI 及 Demo,用的是 REST 操作风扇,与 Programmable Network 好象没有啥关系。
  3. OCPUS18 –Keynote - Next Generation Network Operating Systems Based on Open Network Linux ,Facebook-Open/R,Big Switch-BGP,Google-Stratum & ONL。FBOOS/GNOS/ Demo(Tmux录像),内容不多,意犹未尽。
  4. OCPUS18 –OCP Network Stack Common Components for Three Very Different Use-Cases ,是上篇的续篇,几个厂的视频 show case,Google 的 NOS 最 cool,Nickname:GNOS Hercules/ONL [New ONLP]
  5. OCPUS18 –400G CWDM8 Optics for Next Generation Data Center Networks ,Intel CWDM8 Project,针对 50G NRZ 与 50G/100G PAM4 进行技术对比。
  6. OCPUS18 –Accelerating Load Balancing Programs Using HW-based Hints in the eXpress Data Path XDP 提供 Linux 原生网络应用的高性能方案,与 DPDK 的性能对比主持人尚未给出,值得关注。
  7. OCPUS18 –Programmable Silicon Use-Cases in the Disaggregated Network ,4个 use-case,老生常谈,会上公布 新成立的 P4 App WorkGroup 集焦 P4 的应用领域,这个值得关注。


  1. [-] OCPUS18 –FBOSS Operational Update
  2. [-] OCPUS18 –ONIE and Securing the Install Process
  3. [-] OCPUS18 –SONiC Development and Deployment at Alibaba
  4. [-] OCPUS18 –Open Networking 2.0 - Disaggregated Software
  5. [-] OCPUS18 –SAI Update and Looking Forward
  6. [-] OCPUS18 –Switch ASIC Programmability with SAI
  7. [-] OCPUS18 –SONiC Programmability, Extensibility and Beyond
  8. [-] OCPUS18 –BoF SONIC Softswitch
  9. [-] OCPUS18 –BoF SONiC Deployments Powered by Programmable Dataplane
  10. [-] OCPUS18 –BoF Discussion - NW SAI & Programmability
  11. [-] OCPUS18 –BoF Alibaba Fast Data Center Network Evolution with Open SONiC and Programmable HW Chip
  12. [-] OCPUS18 –BoF Discussion - NW Lessons & SONiC
  13. [-] OCPUS18 –BoF Discussion - NW Case Studies & Roundtable


  1. [-] OCPUS18 –An Evolution of Network Telemetry
  2. [-] OCPUS18 –InBand Network Telemetry - A Powerful Analytics Framework for Your Data Center
  3. [-] OCPUS18 –Network Telemetry and Analytics in the Age of Big Data
  4. [-] OCPUS18 –Networking Interoperability Testing Convergence
  5. [-] OCPUS18 –Ridesharing Your Cloud Data Center - Realize Better Resource Utilization with NVMe-oF
  6. [-] OCPUS18 –BoF Discussion - NW Demo & Telemetry BoF